pbb as an employer

pbb combines high standards and challenges for its employees with freedom and expertise. As a leading specialist bank and an international employer, we not only have around 800 colleagues working in Germany, but also help professional real estate investors to turn their projects in Europe and the US into reality.

We offer you interesting, challenging tasks and create the environment you need to realise your potential and develop as a professional. You will turn projects into success stories within a team, working independently and taking responsibility for the measures you implement. We offer a state-of-the-art environment with generous spaces for communication and high-quality equipment. Whether you opt to work from home or in the office: flexible working hours allow you to strike a balance between your job and other commitments. We challenge our employees to foster their development.




Core competence

As specialists with a vision, we are committed to professionalism, quality and authenticity. Our most important competence is expertise – that of the Company as a whole and of each and every team member. We have colleagues from 31 nations who contribute their diverse experience and knowledge. As a team, we stick together in our quest for success.

Corporate culture

Loyalty and reliability are our strengths. Our corporate culture is characterised by trust and solidarity, as well as by expertise and responsibility. These strong values are reflected in high quality and are hallmarks of the projects that we implement.

We have a clear aim: we want to encourage personal and professional development to bring out the talent and skills that you have to offer.


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