Public Investment Clients

pbb has taken on an important economic role with the financing of public investments

pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank offers its clients many years of experience in public investment financing. The bank’s main focus in this business area is on France. Clients from specialists with local experience.

Public Investment Finance lending demands specialist skills in the areas of origination, structuring - both in financial technique and loan documentation, underwriting and credit analysis as well as agency and syndication expertise. Our clients also benefit from pbb’s expertise as one of the leading real estate financiers in Europe, particularly when projects have a real estate background, for example city development or real estate leasing.

pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank targets primary customer business. In addition to the classic or individually tailored financing solutions, pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank also offers its customers derivative products for risk-hedging as well as advisory services. Together with long-standing partners, the bank also provides larger financing solutions within the framework of consortium and syndicate financing.

Funding of long term loans with Pfandbriefe

These loans may have long maturities and long drawdown periods. Clients’ demands can be fulfilled by funding these loans in the Pfandbrief market, which has proved to be a reliable and resilient source of funding.

Projects in Public Investment Finance

pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank provides its clients financing of the following projects:

  • Public Sector Facilities
    Administrative and special purpose facilities, educational and cultural establishments, and sport facilities
  • Municipal and Residential Buildings
    Council housing, apartment building companies, student housing
  • Utilities
    Energy, water, waste, recycling & environment
  • Essential Infrastructure
    Networks and buildings for streets, waterways, railways and air traffic, capital goods, appli-ances and fleets in regional and long-distance traffic as well as facilities for intelligence and defence.
  • Health & Age
    Medical and geriatric care facilities as well as administration and insurance facilities.