pbb shareholders receive 1 euro dividend per share


Munich, 7 June 2019 - Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG (pbb) will pay its shareholders a dividend of €1 per no-par value share entitled do dividends for the financial year 2018. This was approved by the company's Annual General Meeting on Friday. The dividend will be paid without deduction of capital gains tax, solidarity surcharge and church tax. 

In the financial year 2018, pbb achieved a consolidated pre-tax result in accordance with IFRS of € 215 million and thus exceeded the previous year by approximately 5%. The Bank distributes 81% of the profit after taxes attributable to ordinary shareholders. Based on the year-end Xetra closing price, this translates to a dividend yield of 11.4%.

The Annual General Meeting approved all items on the agenda and, amongst other things, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board were approved with a large majority.

The initial presence amounted to approximately 57.3 % of the share capital.

Results of resolutions passed by the 2019 Annual General Meeting

Agenda Item Approval Rate
Appropriation of consolidated profit 99.8%

Formal approval of the members of the Management Board
for the 2018 financial year

Formal approval of the members of the Supervisory Board
for the 2018 financial year
Appointment of external auditors for the financial statements
and consolidated financial statements, and auditors for any
review of interim financial information
Amendment of the articles of association to convey messages
electronically pursuant to section 125 (1) of the AktG
Approval of the renumeration system of the Members
of the Management Board
Amendment of the remuneration of the Members of the
Supervisory Board
Approval of the Profit- and Loss-Transfer and Domination
Agreement between Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG and