Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is the key principle of pbb Group’s corporate responsibility. This means first of all being aware that one’s own actions make a substantial contribution to securing a long-term future – and second, giving adequate consideration to the consequences of those actions for all stakeholders and for society and the environment.

pbb Group sees three aspects as a prerequisite for long-term commercial success and for safeguarding the future: responsible corporate governance based on law-abiding and honest conduct and adherence to high ethical principles, assuming social responsibility, and conserving natural resources and protecting the climate. 

Within this context, pbb Group not only takes into account the statutory, regulatory and supervisory requirements, but also does its utmost to take account of the needs of its clients and the expectations of its investors, the general public and its employees. pbb Group deems regular, open and two-way dialogue to be essential for identifying the needs of these stakeholder groups at an early stage, and being able to give them sufficient consideration in decision-making processes.

pbb Group is aiming to actively support the process of development towards the end goal of sustainability. In order to make a positive contribution to achieving the sustainability objectives, pbb Group puts ESG issues at the centre of its actions and takes environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) measures to achieve the objectives.

By way of example, pbb Group has made an explicit commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and the sustainable finance targets set by both the EU and the German government, and has set itself the objective of making a significant contribution to achieving the climate targets. As a result, pbb Group has made ESG an integral component of both its business and risk strategy, and launched an extensive ESG programme in the 2021 financial year.

As a company with global operations, pbb Group is fully committed to respecting, upholding and strengthening human rights and to preventing human rights abuses during the course of its own business activities, but also along its entire supply and value chain as well as amongst its stakeholders. The Human Rights Guidelines and a Code of Conduct serve as a framework in this regard. At the same time, pbb Group incorporates sustainability aspects into the incentive system for managers and employees alike in order to actively promote motivation in connection with sustainability.

pbb Group’s sustainability strategy focuses systematically on aspects which, on the one hand, have a material impact on its business activities and business success, and which pbb Group, on the other hand, can itself significantly influence. These aspects are determined via a materiality analysis. pbb Group's sustainability strategy is also designed to minimise sustainability risks to the greatest extent possible, whilst making use of the opportunities arising.

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