Diversity and Equal Opportunity

pbb Group respects human dignity, human rights and privacy. It respects all people, independent of age, sex, race, social background, skills, sexual orientation or religion and fosters diversity amongst its staff. All staff members are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. pbb Group has zero tolerance with regard to unfair or discriminatory behaviour towards its staff. It is committed to the principles of equal treatment in the selection and further development of staff, without discriminating against any employee (or potential employee) due to age, handicap, race, colour, sex, pregnancy, religion, marital status or any other characteristics. pbb employees are evaluated according to their performance.

pbb Group has been a signatory to the “Diversity Charter” since 2010, and is fundamentally committed to the economic benefit that comes with diversity, tolerance and fairness. By signing the Diversity Charter, pbb Group also made an obligation to provide a working environment free from prejudices and exclusion and to establish a culture of trust based on mutual respect and inclusion of participants. pbb Group takes these commitments seriously, and actively lives by them. Every employee must be able to address workplace problems without fearing repercussions.

The Group fosters an open corporate culture that provides for the inclusion of employees in the decision-making process, as appropriate, while at the same time maintaining discretion. It further ensures that appropriate procedures exist within the Group in order to resolve any workplace problems confidentially and as quickly as possible.

Staff development

It is pbb Group’s intention to provide its employees with the right basis for their development, be it in the technical, professional or even personal sphere, and offers a variety of in-house training and qualification measures. To support and promote the long-term development of its staff, the bank has implemented additional, individual programmes that allow for a holistic and systematic qualification, in particular in the realm of technical qualification and management skills to make line managers and project managers better, more active leaders. In addition to the permanent series of seminars

offered, the bank offers a constantly expanding range of in-house seminars for professional qualifications and qualifications in the areas of social and methodological competencies as well as language training. Any further requirements for training are met by external providers.

An important management instrument to align employees’ skills to the objectives and success of the company is the annual employee appraisal, in which not only performance is reviewed, but personnel development and qualification measures are also agreed.

In 2016, pbb Group re-introduced regulations for variable remuneration – allowing employees to participate in their company’s success.pbb Group is fully aware that in every company, it is capable and committed employees who drive success, and therefore invests in employee health.