pbb Group fulfils its responsibility to society through two charitable foundations: pbb Stiftung Deutsche Pfandbriefbank and pbb Stiftung für Kunst und Wissenschaft. The foundations, based in Munich, are independently funded: their capital is ringfenced from the Bank, and is used solely to fulfil the foundations’ purposes.

  • pbb Stiftung Deutsche Pfandbriefbank supports projects aimed at promoting art and culture with a particular focus on the targeted support of young talent.
  • pbb Stiftung für Kunst und Wissenschaft promotes works in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, focusing on intellectual and artistic work primarily in the fields of literature, painting, sculpture, music, theatre, architecture/design, regional and cultural studies and traditions.

pbb Group has also donated its collection of historical paper money from Württemberg as a permanent loan to the HVB Stiftung’s banknote collection. It comprises around 8,000 notes from every period of Württemberg’s monetary history, and is the largest and most significant special collection of Württemberg paper money in existence. The complete pbb Group collection remains intact as part of the HVB Stiftung’s banknote collection and is accessible to interested members of the public.

pbb Group combines this support of primarily cultural and academic work with social action. It supports the Kinderhospiz St. Nikolaus children’s hospice based in the Allgäu region, which acts as a retreat for families with children who are terminally ill or who suffer from a life-limiting illness. The Kinderhospiz focuses on helping both these children and their families by providing relief, holistic medical care, professional nursing and other forms of support.

In addition, the Group funds projects near the Company’s office locations. 

pbb Group also supports the personal, voluntary commitment of its employees in other social projects. For pbb to provide financial aid, one or more employees need to be involved with the charity in question in their free time. These charities may cater to helping the sick, the elderly, teenagers or socially disadvantaged, or may cover topics such as environmental protection or integration.

Furthermore, pbb Group launched a corporate volunteering programme, together with Dominik-Brunner-Haus, a facility house centre that supports children and teenagers from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, run by the voluntary humanitarian organisation “Die Johanniter”. pbb colleagues offer English classes and English conversational groups for teenagers at Dominik-Brunner-Haus.