The Environment

With the Code of Conduct, pbb Group has obligated itself to conducting its business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, and to identifying environmental risks that may arise in its Business activities. The Group handles natural resources responsibly, and has committed itself to making an active contribution to climate protection by minimising its requirements for energy and raw materials.

Our rented headquarters buildings in Unterschleissheim near Munich are extremely energy efficient, with energy-efficient cooling ceilings instead of a conventional air conditioning system. Furthermore, 100% of the buildings’ power demand has been met using renewable energy sources since 2011.

Company cars have to meet carbon dioxide emission standards so as to limit their impact on the environment. Vehicles with emissions of more than 155 g/km are given a financial penalty, whilst vehicles with emissions of more than 180 g/km may not be purchased at all. These regulations are designed to the current development standards, and may be adjusted according to technological advances. pbb Group plans to include electric vehicles in its car park.