pbb as an employer

Commercial real estate financing full of possibilities.

Team players wanted!  Whether trainee, young professional or expert – we always look forward to new colleagues who are eager to develop further with us. We offer challenging projects, innovative approaches and detailed insights into the financing business. 

Our pbb film gives an insight into the diversity of our world.


This is what we do – and hopefully you will soon too

We stand for professionalism, quality and authenticity. Expertise is of particular importance to us – that of our company and that of each individual team member. This is how we create diversity: Our colleagues come from 31 nations and bring a variety of experiences and expertise to the table. 

This is why more than 800 people enjoy working for us

Our strengths are reliability and responsibility. Our corporate culture is based on trust, solidarity, expertise and appreciation. That makes a strong foundation. We promote and support personal and professional development in order for talent and ability to flourish.

We have a clear aim: we want to encourage personal and professional development to bring out the talent and skills that you have to offer.


More than just a job

Awarded by the Handelsblatt and the Institute for Employment and Employability, we especially meet the expectations and values of career beginners and young professionals. We offer a fair and attractive working environment. 

With us, junior staff will find attractive conditions in all areas such as:

- Work organisation, leadership and corporate culture 
- Personnel development, compensation and career paths
- Diversity and equal opportunities
- Work-life balance
- Social responsibility and sustainability

We are a member of the Handelsblatt Fair Company Initiative.