As a pbb customer in commercial real estate finance, you will benefit from the advantages of our new customer portal. This will gives you transparency over your pbb loan agreements and workflow-based processes combined with intuitive menu navigation and smart communication tools.

In the pbb customer portal, we map the new business process at all stages. Here, you manage your deals with pbb and organize your input on the way to our loan decision through to disbursement. Document management reduces the workload for you and your advisors and ensures that the latest document version is always used.

Of course, you can also manage your existing financing via the customer portal. We support you with digital solutions for a better overview of the agreed loan terms as well as their fulfillment status and thus facilitate the monitoring of the respective loans.

The rollout of the customer portal will take place in several stages. If you would like to benefit from the new options or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your pbb account manager.

Overview of the operation and services of the customer portal

New Business

  • Dashboard 
    • Current transactions including status of pbb credit approval process
    • Existing transactions
    • Key indicative deal parameters
  • Management of your Finance Transaction
    • Deal Team Management 
    • Invite internal team members and external consultants and assign user permissions for tasks within the portal
    • Uniform shared data for the entire deal team and constant access to  the latest document versions
  • Deal Status
    • Display of the status of your transaction in the financing process
    • Pending or outstanding requirements are made transparent for all parties involved in the different process phases
  • Task Management 
    • Filter required documents (requirements) by deal phase or category.
    • Upload documents and assign individuals for processing (e.g. the mandated law firm)
    • Display of Requirement list for credit review & disbursement ("CP list"); including processing status and comment function
    • Customizable notification function in the portal and via email

Existing Financing

  • Deal Display
    • Loans and tranches as well as other pbb internal accounts (e.g. guarantees)
    • Detailed data on individual loans and tranches, such as amounts and terms & conditions 
    • Property data
  • Deal Management
    • Invite internal staff or consultants for review 
    • Assign tasks internally or externally
  • Task Management
    • Conditions in loan agreements will be processed digitally on an ongoing basis
    • Documents are uploaded or assigned to individuals for processing, e.g. in connection with loan agreement conditions
  • Calendar function 
    • Calendar and news function - information about upcoming tasks
    • Current and future covenant dates 
    • Transparent tracking of covenant compliance status 

Conditions in loan agreements will be processed digitally on an ongoing basis.



If you have any suggestions or questions, or if you need support, please do not hesitate to contact your pbb contact person at any time.