Annual General Meeting 2016

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2016, including Agenda

Documents and Further Information

Template Forms

Curicula Vitae of Supervisory Board Members standing for election (Shareholder Representatives)

  • Dr. Günther Bräunig
  • Dagmar P. Kollmann
  • Dr. Thomas Duhnkrack
  • Joachim Plesser
  • Dr. Hedda von Wedel
  • Oliver Puhl

Counter-motions by Shareholders (in German only)

Nominations by Shareholders (in German only)

  • None

Management Board Speech and Presentation

Results of the Annual General Meeting 2016 (in German only)

General Information

  • Financial Reports
  • Corporate Governance and Compensation Report
  • Compliance Statement
  • Current Supervisory Board Members
  • Current Management Board Members


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