Annual General Meeting 2022

The AGM of Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG was held as a virtual event in 2022. The uncertainty about the development of the COVID 19 pandemic, which existed in particular at the time of planning and preparing the event, suggested to continue with this format.

Our shareholders had access to the virtual event via the AGM portal. They could follow the AGM live and in full and also take actions online, including cast a postal vote, issue proxies and instructions, ask questions to be answered at the AGM, or submit comments on individual agenda items.

Iinteraction with our shareholders is important to us.

  • That is why we made the speeches of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Günther Bräunig and the CEO Andreas Arndt available ahead of the Annual General Meeting.. This gave our shareholders the opportunity to ask questions about the statements. 

    We also answered questions from our shareholders ahead of the AGM  and publish the answers on the AGM portal.
  • In addition, we offerede our shareholders the opportunity to make statements like they would at a physical AGM as part of the general debate.

For interested members of the public, we broadcasted the speeches of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Chairman of the Executive Board live. A replay of CEO Andreas Arndt’s speech is available here.


Management Board Speech and Presentation

Management Board Speech
Management Board Presentation (German only)

Results of the Annual General Meeting 2022

Voting Results
Dividend Announcement (German only)