In pbb's view, integrity, responsible corporate governance, adherence to high ethical standards and transparency are necessary conditions for long-term business success. In addition to legal, regulatory and supervisory requirements, pbb takes into account the needs of its clients, the expectations of investors, the public and its employees. A regular, open and mutual exchange is essential in order to recognise the needs of all stakeholder groups at an early stage and take them into account in the decision-making process.


pbb Group’s business hinges on its clients. At all times, pbb Group’s staff must act with integrity and in a transparent and open manner in relation to clients and all other parties with whom pbb Group interacts. pbb Group is committed to openness, professionalism and excellence when providing services to clients. This also includes a high performance standard as well as appropriate and effective complaint management that ensures the efficient, targeted and rapid processing of complaints.

pbb Group creates transparency through clear and regular client communication, be it in one-on-one talks in the context of business relationships or at pbb Group events.


As a specialist bank, pbb Group finances commercial real estate projects in Europe, UK and the US. pbb sets high standards when granting loans – also in terms of sustainability, giving priority to financings that meet the requirements for sustainability.

Commercial Real Estate Finance mainly involves real estate such as office buildings, retail properties, properties for residential use and logistics properties. In order to promote sustainability aspects in the real estate industry and the real estate financing business, pbb Group is, for example, involved in the working groups of the Association of German Banks (Bundesverband deutscher Banken: BdB) and the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks (Verband deutscher Pfandbriefbanken – “vdp”).


pbb Group is committed to generating a sustainable and adequate return for its shareholders. When making an investment decision, more and more institutional investors consider an issuer’s take on corporate responsibility, rated by an independent agency. pbb Group meets these demands by supporting several ESG ratings actively.