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Main Features of ESTATE UK-3

Initial Principal Balance

GBP 596,127,557

Closing Date

February 28, 2007

Instruments employed

GBP 482,447,557 Credit Default Swap
GBP 113,680,000 Credit Linked Notes
(CLNs; 6 Classes)

Issuer and Arranger

Hypo Real Estate Bank International AG

Reference Pool

13 UK Commercial Mortgage Loans 

Reference Pool Quality

110 Commercial properties located in the UK
Maximum principal of a single loan GBP 175,7 m
Secured by first ranking mortgages

Collateral for Noteholders

Collateral for Noteholders All CLNs are secured by
Öffentliche Pfandbriefe of Hypo Real Estate Bank
International AG, Class A1+ and Class A2 CLNs are
additionally secured by Cash Collateral; downgrade
provisions are in place


All CLNs by Moody's and Standard and Poor's 
Credit Default Swap by Moody's


All CLNs at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange 

For more information, please visit the rating agency websites:

Regular Reports
According to Section 14 of the Terms & Conditions, the Issuer provides different kinds of reports. The reports are checked by the Trustee (according to the provisions of the Trust Agreement). The Issuer then supplies reports to the Noteholders.

With respect to each Payment Date, the Bank provides the following Payment Date Reports


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